Testimonials about Wen-Li Lu, PT, MS, GCFP, CZB, NLP

I had recurring sciatic and low back pain.  The pain began shortly after the birth of my first son and I spent 10 years intermittently seeing a variety of chiropractors and physical therapists.  While traditional physical therapy and chiropractic treatments provided some relief for periods of time, none provided the freedom of movement that I experienced after my appointments with Wen-Li Lu. The best way I can describe the difference is that Wen-Li’s strategies brought healing from the inside out and changed long held habits in the way I used my body.

Through my appointments with Wen-Li I became aware of the various ways I sat, stood and walked and experienced other alternatives in which to do the same movements.  Even ‘doing nothing’ started to feel different; my muscles began to relax in a way they had not before.  Eventually, I started to feel so good that I was able to take up running again. And instead of ending up sidelined with back or knee pain (as I had in the past) I was able to increase my distance and run not one, but two half-marathons.

Wen-Li is one of those rare medical professionals that does not look at a person and see a knee problem or a back problem, but instead sees (and helps you to see) how the whole person/whole system is functioning and the possibilities for how it could be.

Her approach is akin to that saying, “when you feed a man a fish, you feed him for the night. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  Wen-Li is an excellent teacher who helps people heal at a much deeper level.
—Christine K.

After developing severe RSI (repetitive strain injury) I tried traditional physical therapy for a year. I learned a few helpful tips and exercises, but most of the time traditional procedures were aggravating my symptoms. The relapses into pain were never ending. I used to be skeptical about alternative therapies until I decided to try Wen-Li's approach.

After a course of therapy with Wen-Li Lu, I gained both a physical alignment and emotional balance. I now live mostly pain-free. Besides improving my posture, flexibility, and balance, Wen-Li Lu helped me to understand the importance of awareness. I learned how to listen to my body and keep the benefit of every treatment she provides with her magically healing hands. Her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and psychology, her amazing presence with a client makes her a great physical therapist.
—Tatiana W.

I've struggled with muscular-skeletal challenges all of my life and have tried a range of therapies. After my son and his family moved nearby, long stretches of helping them with childcare meant finding a local professional to help me with these ongoing physical challenges. I need to keep moving and active in the many things I pursue including: swimming, Nordic track, walking/hiking, elliptical, exer-cycle, gardening and household tasks.

I was thrilled to find an expert trained as a physical therapist as well as in other modalities. Wen-Li's therapy is subtle and powerful. She knows how to access problems without hurting me -- often working on "satellite areas" that are restricting and otherwise limiting me. Wen-Li also offers poignant insight to help me integrate mind and body. Her guidance and suggestions are full of wisdom and compassion.

Thanks to Wen-Li Lu's therapy, I've been able to remain active as well as help again with my granddaughters!
—Ruth Anne F.

I am 55, have arthritis in my knees and had surgery (ACL repair, torn meniscus, etc.) about 12 years ago.  Recently it became painful and swollen again.  My orthopedist told me the goal was to put off knee replacement for as long as possible.  He removed the fluid in my knee and I received cortisone and synvisc injections.  When I continued to remain in pain, I recalled the Feldenkrais classes I had taken for a short while and I luckily found Wen-Li Lu who combines her physical therapy knowledge base with the whole body approach of Feldenkrais.

Wen-Li spent a great deal of time getting to know me as a person as well as my history of injuries and complaints.  She explained her philosophy and methods and gently worked with me in a way that was respectful and effective.  Her hands-on treatment was not painful; it felt pretty good, and was interesting.  Any time I told her something was uncomfortable, she stopped and made an adjustment so we could continue working together without pain. 

I am making progress and am fascinated by the change.  Most of the time I can walk without pain for up to a mile and I’m not so stiff and awkward.  I plan to continue working with her to increase my body awareness and learn to inhabit my body in a less stressful way. 

Another different and helpful approach has been Wen-Li’s working with my inner dialogue (self-talk) I use when I feel pain.  This technique has helped me reduce the habitual inner complaints and laments and makes me feel more hopeful.

I think this therapy is very powerful and I feel very grateful and fortunate to have found Wen-Li Lu.
—Willa S.

I initially went to Wen-Li for lower-back pain I have been dealing with for many years. I was diagnosed with a thinning disc between L5 and S1 in my lower back. I was prescribed the typical PT of back and core strengthening and stretching exercises and spinal traction with heat 3 times a week for 2 months. My wife has been seeing Wen-Li for about a year and insisted that I go see Wen-Li for help with my lower back pain. Wen-Li’s approach has definitely helped in my overall movement and awareness of what my body is telling me on a continual basis.  Her approach is very different from the modern conventional wisdom of treating the symptom, not the cause, practiced by many health professionals today.  Wen-Li Lu's approach is based on teaching one to focus on awareness so the mind-body connection will work together just as nature intended so healing and wellbeing can be achieved and maintained.
—Brian W.

When my doctor first prescribed physical therapy to me after being in a car accident, I thought to myself, "Great! Electronic muscle stimulation, large rubber bands and body exercises." Thank you, Wen-Li, for your persistence to provide a different way of physical therapy. I am impressed how you are so skilled and accomplished in each of the disciplines you practice and are able to integrate them together. Your intelligence, sensitivity, enlightenment, passion and love for what you do are such a blissful gift. My life has taken on new depth and meaning since your work. The new tools of awareness through movement that you gave me have enriched and enhanced my life. After the first session I was astonished by the power of your hands to heal areas of my body that sustained a traumatic impact. I was even more amazed over the feeling of total tranquility and relaxation. Your methods, encompassed with your healing hands have been the most profound and powerful transformative healing that I have ever experienced in my life time.
—Ted V

Feel the new you with Wen-Li Lu!
—Hedy O